Office development consultants in Crawley and Gatwick

One of the top services that we offer at KBA is around office developments. Whether you are looking to get a new office location for your business or looking to rent out your existing offices, we can help you with the planning stages and to help you have a successful course of action.

Office development consultants

Office Developments

  • Office development service
  • Find the right office space for your business
  • Look at investing in office space to rent out
  • Full consultant service offered

Commercial property expert

As a commercial property consultancy with over 20 years’ experience, KBA is able to help you with the knowledge and expertise required for office development projects.  From our base in Crawley, we work around the region and particularly in the Gatwick diamond area.  That means we’ve worked with everyone from small companies through to major international investment companies.  You can access that experience for your project.

Finding the right property for the project is key to success.  Our service involves working with you to see what you are looking for then helping you find the property that best suits your specifications.  With our varied experience and industry contacts, we can help you get the best property across the area.

Full consultant services

At KBA we can offer a personalised service that suits the needs of your business. For over 40 years, I have helped businesses find the right commercial property for their needs, whether as a base location or as an investment. With our expertise and industry partners, we even offer a range of property currently for sale to help you get inspiration – you might even find the perfect match there.

As well as helping with office developments, we can also assist with other types of commercial property including warehouses, hotels, industrial space and even guest houses.

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    With many decades of experience in the commercial property world we have a wealth of knowledge to help you make the most of your investments in the Crawley and Gatwick areas. Contact KBA  for any question you may have or for more information on our commercial property sales.