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Investing in property and land for any business is always a sound investment. Here at KBA we offer commercial property consultancy that includes helping your business buy land and property for a wide range of purposes. So if you are considering investing in property or land in the Crawley and Gatwick area, let us help you make the project a success.

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Land & Property Sales

  • Land and property sales consultant
  • Here to help with expanding into new property
  • Legal, administrative and organisational assistance
  • Over 20 years of business experience
  • Experts in the Crawley and Gatwick area

Buying and selling land and property

There are a few steps to take to look at buying land across the UK. We can help you assess the types of land available, the possible uses for it and what benefit it would offer to you or your business. Price of the land and the potential of the location can vary hugely and the possibilities of it are often a major factor.

We can help you plan the project to ensure it has clear goals and fulfills what your business needs.

The situation is much the same when buying commercial property. You may be buying it to use for your own business or you may be using it as an investment to then rent to other businesses. Whatever the situation we can help you get everything into place for the sale or purchase.

Experienced consultant services

KBA has been in operation since 1992 and Ken Boyle’s experience in the industry stretches over 40 years.  We can bring that experience and knowledge to help you with any commercial property or land development project to ensure it is a smooth and successful undertaking.

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    With many decades of experience in the commercial property world we have a wealth of knowledge to help you make the most of your investments in the Crawley and Gatwick areas. Contact KBA  for any question you may have or for more information on our commercial property sales.